Analytics Engineer
July 23, 1995

About Candidate

Dear Recruiter,

I, John Gbenga Jenfa applied for this analyst role having met almost all requirements and found myself fit for the job description. Having worked in the data field for years, also having experience working with colleagues as well as my technical skill toolbox (Excellent and proficient use of Excel, SQL, Power BI, R and SSIS. Strong communication, organization, and analytical skills.), I hope I can be allowed to display my capabilities and help contribute to data driven solutions.
I have designed and developed data reporting systems for business operations. Support managers on data gathering and analyzing activities, I have worked with management to prioritize and synthesize information needs and provided processed data to team members as per their needs.
I have performed data analysis using various statistical procedures, Maintained a data repository to provide appropriate information that helped in strategic planning and decision-making, and Managed data integrity and accuracy of the productivity system.

Thanks, as I hope to get a response later.