Lambert Agunbiade

Data Analyst
December 6, 1986

About Candidate

Dear Hiring Manager,

It would be joyous for me to work with a team of Tech Talents of different fields for Limitless Global & Local Opportunities.

I am fascinated by the vast and ever-expanding data fields, and I find the processes of gathering, analyzing and visualizing data a fulfilling career choice that will provide me insights into converting raw data into meaningful information to help make weighted decisions for every task assigned to me during this internship program with my current skills as highlighted in my CV.

Dataleum Careers (Zep Analytics) appeals to me because of the broad range of benefits ranging from opportunities of being groomed on relevant industrial skills, a network of tech teams to relate with, internship certificate and a recommendation letter. As these would help me advance in my career as a data scientist.



MSc. Data Science and Business Analytics

Current Student: September 2021- September 2022

(University of Plymouth, UK)