data analyst and scientist
April 9, 1998

About Candidate

I am a resourceful, motivated, detailed oriented and performance driven person in the Data Analytics space. i am passionate abpiout securing a career in data analytics. i am a team player with excellent communication skills and dexterity in data and reserch analysis.

i have served as Data anlyst intern with Nigeria Bureau of statistics as well as worked with vital international organization such as Voluntary Service Organization(VSO), Nigeria in 2016 as an in-country volunteer. I am also certified in project management. I have and i am currently taking courses related to data analysis and research coursera and prodwex respectively. i currently use STATA, SPSS for my qualitative analysis and use ATLAS TI for quantitative analysis.I also use Cognos analytics and Tableau for data visualization. I also use sql, R and tally accounting software.

I am currently working as a full time data entry personnel and does transciption jobs as per-time job. I am open for better opportunities.





Obafemi Awolowo University

Demography and Social Statistics is social science course that talks about the scientific study of demographic composition; fertility, mortality and migration of a particular territory at a particular point in time. The course contains mathematical solving of problems about the population and deals with the complete record and vital record registration, also a part of the course covers census exercise.

Work & Experience


data entry

April 6, 2022
crownstar company

i currently work as a data entry personnel handling 7-10 of their account and also prepare an excel sheet covering the credited entry and debit entry in the company. I communicate with more 5 branches every day for confirmation of the credit entries sent.