Research Analyst at Janes – Hybrid (Virginia)

Job Description

Janes enables militaries, governments, and defense companies to make critical decisions. Our expert-driven tradecraft, developed over 125 years, and combined with human-machine teaming, delivers assured open-source intelligence across military capabilities and order of battle, equipment, events, countries, companies, and markets.

Linking millions of assured data points, Janes Open-Source Intelligence creates a framework of interconnected national security insights that allow our customers to better understand emerging threats, integrate all relevant data and connections into a single intelligence environment, and deliver a more complete and accurate answer to their intelligence analysis. Using Janes enables our customers to better use their scarce resources more effectively, to support better decisions with higher confidence, more quickly.

Janes is seeking to recruit a research analyst to join its Forecasts and Budgets team, where they will contribute to Janes Global Platforms and Systems (GPS) team. The role is based in our office in Arlington, VA. The research analyst will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and updating a database of global defense programs and budgets. An ideal candidate will have an understanding of the defense sector, including funding trends, major procurement programs, and national industrial capabilities. A keen enthusiasm for data interrogation and analytical rigor will also be favored, as will the ability to clearly and confidently present findings to clients.

How you will contribute to Janes:

  • Analyze spending and procurement trends across a range of countries, including both macro drivers (e.g., economic, security, political) and specific spending plans on military platforms, C3I systems, sensors, and missile systems
  • Research and document developments in country defense investment plans, using primary and secondary sources
  • Capture quantitative and qualitative aspects of defense programs in the Global Platforms and Systems (GPS) database structure
  • Update programs already in the dataset given developments in funding, timing, contract awards, and other areas
  • Participate in data improvement efforts to ensure appropriate metadata and other qualitative data are correctly applied and accurately reflected in the dataset
  • Generate custom market intelligence resources for customers and assist on project work executed by Janes consulting staff
  • Contribute expert comment and analysis to Janes journalistic and promotional material, including news articles and webinars


  • Ability to execute critical research functions while also considering the broader client implications of the dataset in a team environment
  • An abiding interest in global security affairs
  • An awareness of trends in defense technology and defense industry trends
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel
  • Bachelors or Masters degree in a relevant discipline
  • General knowledge of and interest in the industries served by Janes (e.g., defense, space, homeland security)
  • Experience working in PowerBI, SQL, and other quantitative analysis tools, and knowledge of languages is beneficial, but not required