Business Analyst – CISA at Aretum – Arlington, Virginia, United States

Job Description


Aretum, a leading technology company specializing in government contracting, is seeking a highly skilled and experienced Business Analyst with a focus on Cybersecurity and Information Systems Audit (CISA) to join our dynamic team. As a Business Analyst – CISA at Aretum, you will play a vital role in ensuring the security and integrity of our clients’ information systems, identifying and mitigating risks, and enhancing cybersecurity protocols.

At Aretum, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and excellent service to federal clients in various sectors, including Next Generation Analytics, Engineering Services, Training Services, IT Systems, Cyber Security, PMO Support, and Financial Consulting. Our mission is to provide technology-driven solutions that meet the unique needs of our government clients, empowering them to achieve their objectives with confidence and efficiency.


  • Experience providing Business Process Development and Data Analysis support in identifying, documenting, and analyzing current business objectives, operational requirements, and technical business processes.
  • Experience Conducting “As-Is” analyses to document process pain points and identify root cause of data inefficiencies or delays.
  • Experience proposing future process solutions to integrate data points and align workflows to mission priorities.
  • Experience supporting business modeling, business process design and facilitation, analysis, and evaluation techniques for implementing organizational processes for a highly technical program.
  • Experience collaborating with administrators to provide technical support and identify new requirements.
  • Experience providing recommendations on how to implement and review current and new business processes in order to help optimize the data repository.
  • Experience supporting the prioritization of initiatives based on business needs and requirements and providing recommendations on way forward based on cost benefit analysis and return on investment.
  • Experience with communicating with cross-functional team members.
  • Experience identifying and recommending efficiencies in tracking and consolidating data.
  • Experience with visualizing data using Microsoft Power BI and Tableau for translating data into visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps.
  • Experience with developing and implementing initiatives to streamline internal organization and program processes.


  • Must have Over 10 years of experience with all the above requirements
  • Preference for recent and similar DHS experience
  • Proficiency in data analysis to provide strategic advice and technical guidance.
  • Possess excellent strong analytical, written and verbal communication skills.
  • Master’s Degree