Recruitment Operations Analyst at Matchr – Remote

July 9, 2024

Job Description

Matchr provides embedded talent teams for scale ups and large enterprises.

As a fully remote company we are able to work with the best talent across the world. That’s why were valued by companies at all stages of their development, from early-stage startups, through to scale ups and global enterprises.

Whether we need to build a scalable recruitment process from scratch, decide on location strategy or deliver on an ambitious hiring plan or source top talent from around the globe, our goal is to help our partners achieve stellar growth.

We are proud to work with companies like Deel, Heineken, Miro, Grammarly, Action, Eneco and TikTok.

The role:

We are looking for a Recruitment Operations Analyst to enhance and streamline our recruiting and reporting processes, enabling data-driven decision making and efficient operations. You will work closely with our co-founder and CFO/COO Maarten who worked for 6 years including an INSEAD MBA in management consulting and is looking for a right hand to support in facilitating the business growth.

You will conduct data analyses, perform benchmarking, and implement tools to support the recruitment team. You are responsible for overall data quality in the company and need to ensure that all people have their reporting in order and are able to present our work to our clients. You will be involved with client projects to ensure reporting aligns.

Additionally, you will look into process automation, systems that will help streamline operations, generate detailed reports, and prepare data-driven presentations to enhance recruitment efficiency and effectiveness.

You will be responsible for all project management within Matchr and ensure all supporting processes are running smoothly. You will oversee all projects, work with a variety of different stakeholders across the business and will be responsible for managing overall project progress.

You basically function as the oil in the machine to make our company run smoothly and efficiently.

What you will bring to Matchr:

  • Over 3 years of relevant experience in data analysis, project management or operations
  • Interest in recruitment operations and processes
  • High level of tech savviness with the ability to create and manage tools and automations
  • Advanced Excel skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Curiosity and drive to continuously optimize our organisation
  • Excellent communication skills to clearly convey complex data insights

Your professional development:

You will work closely together with our Co-Founder Maarten, who is a serial entrepreneur in the recruitment industry. As Matchr continues to grow, your responsibilities will also increase over time giving you have ample room to grow.


  • Fully remote