The world is constantly progressing through an era of innovation and economic digitization. Since the beginning of time, technology has dominated the growth of nations. Beginning with the discovery of fire, and extending to the emergence of Quantum computing, Artificial intelligence, and the list goes on. Technology is dynamic and it alters how we communicate, run a business, and experience the world.

In this era, most nation’s development is dependent on technological growth and improvement. It is obvious that nations that drive the development of new technology, become global leaders. The economies at the top, are the world leader in technological innovations. These countries take advantage of technological and scientific advancements, and utilize them to address many of the social, economic, and environmental problems faced by humanity.

However, a lot more can be achieved with technology in regards to Nigeria’s development. There are a number of ways technology can contribute to the growth of the country and the standard of living. In discussing how  technology can propel  Nigeria’s development, it is worthy to note that Nigeria has the talent to become a leader in the invention and application of technology. 

Here are five different ways that technology can enhance the quality of life and increase national growth.


Digital technology in healthcare and medicine has the ability to improve on ineffective healthcare systems, offer less expensive, quicker, and more effective ways to treat diseases, as well as level the communication  field between patients and medical staff. The future of healthcare in Nigeria is going to take shape, when Nigeria embraces advancements in digital healthcare technologies like AI, 3D printing, VR/AR, nanotechnology, robotics and so on. 

At this point, Nigeria’s health care depends on adapting and utilizing  technological changes while treating patients. With technology in health care , Nigerians can live healthier lives, be a part of healthier society , and fully reach their potential , which will in turn increase Nigeria’s productivity and development.


Another way technology can aid development in Nigeria is via improved communication. 

Technology has the potential to improve communication skills and significantly improve  Nigeria’s mass media. Ranging from television, to radio, to social media, with advanced facilities, communication is taken on a whole new level. As digital communication grows, it can also enable our country to effectively communicate with a variety of audiences. 

How else would a nation be able to simultaneously communicate  information to a diverse audience? Of course, by using modern media technologies.

Nigeria’s communication reach and efficacy is influenced by the technological resources made available, this is because the duties of the  mass media are most times dependent on technological advancements. This simply means ,to reach a larger audience, certain technological tools and resources are required.Information is power, and so you would agree with me that  information sharing is also power. Technology encourages productive communication across groups and sectors of the society , and encourages a common vision for the nation’s future, which eventually fuels development.


Technology can also have a significant impact on businesses.

Without a question, technology can enable companies to accomplish more in less time, even without compromising the quality of product or service. For instance, data systems for managing information assist businesses to  keep track of data, sales, productivity, and costs. With technology,businesses can monitor patterns and also forecast progress and growth. There are so many more  benefits from adopting technology into business organizations; it saves operating expenses, expands the business  and gives the business a competitive edge.

Overall, incorporating technology into businesses can increase Nigeria’s  level of development. This happens through increase in business productivity, increase in wealth, poverty reduction, which will in turn increase the Gross National Product (GNP) and GDP of Nigeria.


Every Nigerian needs basic amenities and these amenities are a symbol of economic prosperity. Some of these social amenities include power, hospitals, drinking water, schools, housing, development is expected to cover these aspects. The good news is, when it comes to  using technology for building social amenities of all kinds— a new road, suitable housing for water supply and more—it is made easier.  With the use of smart technology, it is feasible to obtain real-time data, permit real-time reporting of a structure’s state, and give managers the ability to remotely monitor routine maintenance. Technology is the hero of the day ,when it comes to improvement of social amenities for the development of Nigeria.


These days , there are an array of job opportunities created via technology.

Technology can increase employment in knowledge-intensive industries like accounting, professional services, and so much more.Most especially, the tech industry is growing wider and wider everyday.New technologies are birthing tons of job opportunities.   Additionally, it can significantly reduce the price of goods in Nigeria.  Technology has the ability to spur economic growth, raise living standards, and create opportunities for new and better types of employment.

Sadly even though it is adding more jobs daily, it is also eliminating some jobs.

In conclusion, all these various sectors such as education, communication, healthcare and business are necessary when it comes to Nigeria’s development. In all of these sectors, when technology is applied, it eventually leads to the overall development of Nigeria.


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