“I think it’s very important to get more women into computing. Computing is too important to be left to men.”

 – Karen Spärck Jones 

You would agree that women are underrepresented in the IT industry, a fact that has been known for a while. According to statistics from some of the major tech firms in recent years, just 25% or fewer of women worldwide hold technical positions. The lack of women in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), is a contributing factor in this issue. There are several reasons why there are so few women in this subject, but one of them is the perception that science is tough and better suited to males.

Although there have been advancements for women in technology, there is no denying that this development is delayed and requires a lot of focus. It is also evident that women have made a name for themselves in the technological sector, while the proportion is still unbalanced.

There are arguments in favor of women working in technology:

First of all, technology is the future. Everyone has a stake in the future, and women can influence how it turns out. So that women have greater opportunities, the landscape has to be expanded and restructured. The younger generations will have mentors or role models to pick from if there is a significant pool of successful female IT professionals.

This would entail fostering young women’s interest in STEM subjects as well as the corporate sector, which promotes inclusivity, and ensuring that future female generations have mentors and role models in the IT business.

Second, diversity fosters innovation and creativity. Collaboration among people of diverse sexes, races, and ethnicities encourages invention and improves problem-solving skills. Everyone gains from gender diversity, including better financial results, more revenue, and the capacity to sell successfully to the target market.

Finally, there is a requirement for more balance. More women in tech can present a more fair picture of female gender and technology sector challenges because they make up half of the world’s population. Issues that women may empathize with and address are usually disregarded when only one gender is highlighted in tech. More women in technology can educate others about the problems that women experience, increase societal awareness of those problems, and provide solutions.

Conclusively, both women and the world need more women in technology. Women are clients and end users, therefore IT businesses shouldn’t ignore them. The greatest method to turn these end users into customers is by hiring women to create and design goods and services that address their demands.

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