How To Access Tech Job Opportunities And Harness Them.

Navigating the job market is a difficult process. And more often than not, sourcing for job opportunities is a full-time job in itself. Advancement in technology has brought with it an influx of viable tech-related job opportunities, considering how vast its sectors are, technology offers you as an individual a chance to grow. Accessing job opportunities in the tech sphere also requires you to adapt to changing technologies in order to have a head-start amongst your competition.

In this article, we would be further discussing what a tech job is, how to access job opportunities in the tech space and how to move from one tech job to another.


What is a Tech Job?

A Tech Job is simply, any role within an organization where you work adjacent to technology. Tech jobs are constantly evolving as new trends and software become available, a job within the tech space doesn’t necessarily have to mean you as an individual specializing in software and web development, etc. roles such as technical writing, product marketing, and handling sales teams at tech companies among many others are a variety of tech roles among many others that don’t require necessarily writing codes.

As technology continues to grow, a job in the industry is viable for many people.


How to access job opportunities in the tech space.

The specifics of what you need to access a job in tech can vary by employer. Still, your chances increase through acquiring important skills for the industry, in order not to limit your chances when an opportunity presents itself. 
Here are a few strategies to give you an edge when sourcing for opportunities in the tech space:

  • Networking and Referrals: Many of the best tech jobs are rarely advertised. They are filled by candidates who learn of them by word of mouth from friends, former colleagues, etc. Networking is another word for socializing. Attending events with professionals in your field, joining professional associations, and building a good social circle and social media presence on networks such as LinkedIn, are excellent ways to network and put yourself in a position to get job opportunities in the tech space.

Referrals are also means through which you as an individual can get tech job opportunities. As an individual searching for job opportunities in the tech space, asking a valued friend who works in your field to let you know about any openings within his organization could be beneficial. Some companies often offer incentives to their employees for referring a successful candidate to the company. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You get a new job, and your contact gets a finder’s fee for attracting a top-notch employee.

  • Earn a Tech Skill Certification: While a certificate might not be a requirement for a hiring manager, a tech skill and a degree in a field related to the tech job you’re applying for could help you in standing out from the competition. Some tech skills options to consider include Data Analytics, Data Science, information technology, web development, Business Analysis, and cybersecurity.

  • Complete freelance projects: Signing up for freelance projects should enable you to build your portfolio and have real experience to show a hiring manager or potential client.

How to move from one tech job to another

The first and most important step to take when changing careers is to do your research on the new field you have taken an interest in. For a tech job career change, One of the best things about it is the vast number of them available. Identifying the right one for you and planning to acquire the experience and/or training you would need to market yourself to hiring managers is important when considering a career switch in tech.

Equally, determining what you want out of a new career in tech is important, answering questions like, what problems do you want to solve, what makes you most passionate about a career in tech, and to what scale would you be able to show your creative side when switching to a career in tech are all important questions to ask oneself before starting to research on possible career options. 

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